For years we have dreamt of opening a small bakery based upon sustainability and organic ingredients. A bakery that solely bakes with fresh flour that we know that exact origin of. 

A place where everything being sold is organic and all ingredients are sourced directly from small producers. 

We look forward to share bread, baked goods and tasteful moments with you. 

BAMBI bakery


Bread & Baked Goods

Sourdough 45
Rye bread 42
Sourdough bun 15
Croissant – au beurre 25
Croissant – almonds & rhubarb 45
Cruffin – rapsberry & lemon 30
Bun – cinnamon & cardamom 30


Bread & cheese – blueberry jam 25
Fried egg – cabbage, rye bread 45
Grilled Cheese Sandwich – onion compote, mustard 65

*All prices are in dkk.

Sale of bread and baked goods (Our Store)

Entry from BAMBI eatery. 

Eating on location 

We serve our organic bread and baked goods (menu above) and great coffee on location Saturday and Sunday during the openings hours of the bakery. We offer a welcoming setting both inside and outside. Guest eating inside must hold a valid Coronapas.


Bambi Bakery is 100% organic

Bambi Shop

Flour and grain products are from Kornby Møller, sourdough, organic apple juice and other exclusively selected organic products.